Things about Quicken that have Gripped me for years

Recently we all got impacted by the Quicken issue where no one or few, could connect with their banks. The Animation setting had an impact on this issue, the small circle in the arrow to the Left of each Bank you are connecting to circles when connecting. If that is so, and it impacted the OSU issue, what a wasteful feature to have designed into the software. I have been a Q user since the Late 80's....and there is so many other things I'd like Q to update or fix...and instead they come up with this Animation... Quicken over the years seems compelled to add little mostly non-useful features to sell the next version as having added features; perhaps that will no longer need to be now that Subscription service is in place.

For many years I have enetered some of my grips, things to make different or improved upon many of which I feel were a lot more important and more useful then a Circling Icon. I would like;

* When I enter a Transfer in a Register...but didn't realize the date was when I click Enter..I get the message, Enter correct Date to todays date...your only choice is to click OK and the Entire entry is you must re-enter the entire Transfer ...again. This has gripped me for many years..... Most softwares when you enter something wrong gives you a Cancel option that does not delete the Information you have already entered.
* Every time I create a new Acct whether its an Online acct or not...that New Acct is ADDED to everyone of my SAVED Reports. Why? If the New Acct should be included in my Saved Reports...I should add it instead of having to go thru everyone of my Saved Reports and delete it.
* I feel work needs to be done to make sure the data Files remain healthy...does not get could lose your data must start a new one losing prior Financial information in the new File. Quicken should add a feature to monitor the Data File and keep it healthy and when an issue is discovered...prevent it or have a method for the User to Fix it.
* Personalize the pretty much looks the same today as it did in 1990 especially Software Fonts...Menu Fonts, etc. You have Small or Large...for me small needs to be larger...But Large is TOO large. Sure, I can use the Windows10 Sizing...but that sizing will make changes not only to Quicken but everything on my PC.

So instead of designing, Updating and including things like about some really useful I have listed above.

Sure would like to receive a reply from Quicken with their thoughts on my issues, would like to feel I just did not waste my time typing this entry.....

Would like to see feedback from others.....and, Hopefully this will be read by a Quicken Moderator


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