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Is there still not a way to search all transactions for more then 1 search key in Quicken 2020

I can enter graduation and it will find all transactions with that word in it. But as soon as I try searching say 'Persons name and or graduation' together but not in any specific order then it comes up with nothing.

Is it still not allowed in ver 2020? Know it didn't back in the 2017 version but thought I would try again. Seems worthless if you can't.

When you have thousands of transactions that is the best feature and don't want to waste time making reports to look up a single transaction from the past.

It works perfectly and instantly both in my current software Moneydance and it also works like that in Banktivity.

Quicken 2020 has certain features I was wanting to switch to but without the search being able to work properly it is of no use.

If anyone knows if it can be used like I am saying please let me know

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  • David Jeschke
    David Jeschke Member ✭✭
    Thank you John.
    That is what I thought. So my wait to switch to Quicken continues.
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