FAQ: How do I post a screenshot in the Community from Windows?

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Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words... When posting here in the Community, it is very helpful to include screenshots of what you are seeing, to help others help you. Here's how to do that if using a Windows computer...

How to Take the Screenshot

The Windows Snipping Tool (available with Windows 7 and up) can be used to capture a partial screen image and save it to a file.


Editing a Screenshot Before Posting

Sometimes you will want to crop or annotate an image before posting it to the Community. Microsoft Paint can be used to annotate the image.


Here are some common annotations that you may want to do:
  • Crop your screenshot: You may have taken a screenshot of the whole screen or included more than you wanted in a partial-screen image. Choose the rectangular selection tool and draw a selection around the area you want to keep. Then click the Crop button on the markup tool bar, or menu Tools > Crop.
  • Hide personal information (redacting): Use one of the selection tools to enclose the personal or sensitive information you want to hide. Then hit the Delete key on the keyboard (or menu Edit > Delete). The area will be replaced by gray. Alternatively, you can use one of the drawing tools to draw a shape or brushstrokes over the personal info.
  • Highlight important info: You can use the drawing tools to draw attention to important parts of your screenshots. For example, you can use the arrow tool to point a red arrow at a screenshot object. Use the rectangle or oval drawing tools to circle something you want to highlight. (Hint: change the fill color to transparent.) 
  • Annotate with text: You can use the Text tool to add text to your screenshots. Use the Border Color, Fill Color, and Text Style tools to adjust how the text looks. 
Posting Your Screenshot in the Community

Now that your screenshot is prepared, you can post it to the Community by clicking the image icon in the row of editing tools above the text entry box of your post as shown here:

After clicking the image icon, click the Choose Files button to choose an image from your computer, or enter an image URL.
As noted in the popup (or if you don't have this icon available), you can also simply drag and drop an image onto your post.
The image will be inserted wherever your text entry cursor is located, or it may be added as an attachment below the text, depending on Community points. 

If posting multiple screenshots in one reply/comment, be sure to separate them by a couple of blank lines so that they do not run together.

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