Download all of 2019 bank transactions.

I'm a new user and would like to download all of my 2019 bank transactions, how do I do that?


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    It depends on the bank. Most banks will not let you download more than 90 days of transactions using Quicken Connect or Direct Connect. However, if Web Connect is supported by Quicken for your bank AND IF the bank will let you download a full year of transactions in a QFX file, then you will be able to do this.

    First, check if Quicken supports Web Connect for the bank. Start a new account and in the first setup screen, find and select your bank then click the OPTIONS button (do not click Continue). If on the next screen, Web Connect is NOT grayed out, then you're good so far. Close the new account window and exit setup.

    Next, go to your bank's website and determine if the bank will let you download the full year of transactions in QFX or OFX format. Since every bank's website is different, I can't provide any further instructions on this. If you're able, download the file.

    Next, go back to Quicken and click menu File > Import > Bank or Brokerage File... Quicken will either import the transactions directly into your (already set up) account, or may create a new account. If the latter, and if you already have the account in Quicken, no problem. Just drag and drop all the new transactions from the new account to the existing account in the sidebar. Then delete the (now empty) new account.
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  • Steve YohoSteve Yoho Member
    Thank you for taking the time to explain this to me Rick, I appreciate it. I have attempted to download a .QFX file directly from my bank and it also only provides 90 days of history. I was simply hoping to use the data to easily setup an accurate budget based off last years downloaded transactions.

    Have a great day!
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