Does this VALIDATION & REPAIR process indicate an issue?

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Specifically, after running the VALIDATE FILE and the REBUILT INVESTING LOTS the report shows the following:
Damaged data record.
Validating your data.

No read errors.

All internal consistency checks passed.

...and then some minor/insignificant issues with "stock splits" which I've seen forever! I guess I need to correct the "stock splits" but I'm not sure they are significant or related to the QDF entry. Please advise... Thanks for any assistance.

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  • GeoffG
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    Yes. Unfortunately the file validation provides rather cryptic messages, but the "Damaged data record" is not good and you have no way of knowing if it has been corrected. You can either run validate again and see what message comes back, or you could restore back to a point before the data corruption occurred.
  • tomt
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    Thanks for you quick reply. Actually, I've received that same series of "reports"for years now. I've not experienced any obvious Quicken issues. I'm runniing 2017 Home and Business, although my expiration is coming I think in March. If I renew with Quicken PREMIUM (NOT Home & Business), will that installation and activation process correct such Issues???
    I've use Quicken for over 20 years (maybe 30 years), and I seem to remember the same report issue, although I've never thought is has significance. Thanks again.
  • UKR
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    How about trying to run the special Validation procedure, exactly as outlined in Step (2) of

    Troubleshooting 101 - Fixing Software Installation and Data File Problems

  • tomt
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    I'll try the Troubleshooting 101 suggestion. Thanks to UKR and also Rocket J Squirrel for responses.
    Final question, would starting a new data file be a smart thing to do??? The current data file goes back many years.... but I'm not sure how to handle the new file, or how the old file information could be either entered manually or imported. My gut reaction would be that the new data file would start by entering the same-name accounts, (i.e., bank#1, bank#2, brokerage#1, brokerage#2, mutual fund#1, etc.).
    If the established starting date as 1/1/2020, I suspect I'd simply manually enter the "holdings" (assets and balances) in each respective account as of that date, and hopefully they would NOT be subjected to the "damaged" issues of the "old" file (pre- 1/1/2020). I'm not sure I want that amount of work to setup the NEW data file with all the accounts, but maybe it wouldn't be such a hard task... I'll have to think about ii...! I'm due for an UPDATE version (my 2017 H&B version will expire soon), so I probably should get the updated version first. And I'd welcome any input on that subject. Thanks again for your help!!!
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    I am unaware of any of any improvements to V&R in the latest releases.
    Now I am aware. R24.11 says
    • Fixed: An issue in which Validate & Repair was not properly resolving unaccepted transactions, which prevented the deactivation of accounts with that issue.
    This is not at all likely to help with your damaged data record issue, but who knows what goes on under the hood?

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