Auto Reconcile doesn't always work

jgelona Member ✭✭
I have some accounts where the transactions are downloaded when I update but even though the account is set to reconcile it doesn't.

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  • jgelona
    jgelona Member ✭✭
    That seem to work. Thanks
  • Bertilak
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    edited January 2020
    I had the same problem. I have no idea why, after all this time of auto-reconcile working just fine, it stopped qorking. Sure enough, the "Reconcile using online balance" box was checked. I don't remember messing with that. In any case unchecking it fixed the problem. Thanks for putting me on the right trail!

    By the way, the help screen for "how do I turn on auto reconcile" is either wrong or incomplete or confusing. It pointed me to a checkbox that didn't exist, probably because the "Reconcile using online balance" checkbox (the thing I don't remember ever turning on!) was checked. (Sure enough! I just experimented. Messing with "Reconcile using online balance" makes that missing check box (under "reconcile") come and go.
  • Karen Craft
    Karen Craft Member ✭✭
    Thank you, thank you to GeoffG! Plugged in my problem - found the exact problem already asked - found GeoffG's answer and 'voila' it is working - AMEX is not auto-reconciling again.
    Great to have these answers available - they are really timeless - the problems can come up any year.
  • Karen Craft
    Karen Craft Member ✭✭
    Oops - reading my comment - typed 'not' instead of 'now' when mentioning auto reconcile should read: is NOW working. Sorry about that.
  • nancycarr
    nancycarr Member
    Reconcile seldom works! I never know my true balance unless I check with the bank! Auto reconcile somehow got turned on. It seemed to work better than trying to reconcile without it
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