Q 2020 R 24.11 has updated H&B Invoices format now printing currency sign, but doesn't really work

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I just installed the upgrade to R 24.11
In the What's new text I noticed this bullet item:
  • Improved: Added the ability to specify a currency when creating an invoice.
Tested with new invoices on both an old US-$ Customer Invoices account and a relatively new Euro - currency account and I must say that I'm totally underwhelmed by the programmers' efforts.
In the US-$ account the invoice block with Subtotal and Total amounts shows no currency sign at all.

A customer had requested the ability to show the $ currency sign on invoices he sends to foreign countries, to clearly show the intent that "This is a US-$ invoice. Please pay in US-$"
In the Euro account this is what prints:

Seriously? I mean, a measly "(€):" stuck next to the word "Total" is all the programmer was able to do?
I'd call that a "D-" for effort.
If I had been the programmer, this is what I would have done, in all invoices in all Customer and Vendor Invoices accounts, no matter what currency:
How difficult can it be to change the four lines in that block to have a leading currency sign?

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