Quicken thinks my checks are deposits.

seeming at random, when I am inputting data, quicken makes my checks appear as deposits rather than debits to my account. It doesn't happen all the time but enough to be annoying. When I put in a check number it should always be a debit but Quicken thinks it's a credit. Any ideas why Quicken does this?

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  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Some people use the check # column to indicate deposited check numbers. I don't, but some do, so forcing it to always be an outflow would anger some.  :)

    You likely are seeing QuickFill kicking in from previous transactions. In prior versions, it would flesh out the transaction based on the last transaction.

    Good news: Quicken 5.14 is starting to be released as of tonight, and that allows more options with QuickFill. You will now be able to always force it to be an outflow via a rule.

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