How can I get R24.11 update installed?

I try to install update R24.11 and receive a notice: Update failed to install listing "Bad State (invalid distance code)". I tried to reenter my state and that didn't help. The software seems to be working fine, it just won't let me update this time. I have been using Quicken for at least 10 years so I am not new to the software, but I have never had anything like this happen. Any suggestions for a fix or even a work around for now?


  • jeffblasdel
    jeffblasdel Member ✭✭
    I would advise you to NOT update to 24.11. It is causing MAJOR problems. My accounts are off by tens of thousands and several features are not working the way they used to.
  • Kinky24
    Kinky24 Member
    jeffblasdel, Thanks for the info. I guess it is a good thing it won't work for me. Hopefully they put out another 'fix' and you can get yours working again!
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