New Random Errors w/One Step Updates

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Since the last updates to the Windows 10 subscription product I get random errors during one-step update of 3 accounts. When I update them individually they usually work fine; sometimes I need to update one or another 2 or 3 times in succession for it to complete properly. Errors are login problems, internet problems, server problems, and considering my experience each seems spurious. Have others reported similar anomalies?


  • fjsingel
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    I have gotten a couple, but mostly right after I have been messing with the credentials. I will keep a better eye.
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    It would be helpful if you posted the exact error message(s) and which FI's are involved.
    Quicken Subscription HBRP - Windows 10
  • BBG
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    Thanks, I am not sure how to find historical update errors in the Quicken logs, but the texts have been something like 'server unavailable', 'no internet connection', 'connection refused'. FI's Bank of America, Discover, Charles Schwab. In each questionable case I tried to 'update all' and one would fail but an immediate retry of the failing update always succeeded. I have not had the problem doing one at a time. If a connection fails twice or more I know to wait a bit, but since the problem is new and after a Quicken update, and FI updates worked immediately I posted my query in case it was something in the Quicken update not at the FI's. It could be coincidental and there could have been intermittent problems in my network service, but if a possible problem is never flagged it is never recorded and thus never fixed. If (when?) it happens again I'll add the error codes.
  • fricknh
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    I don't get error messages, just missed transactions or transactions posted to the wrong account. This happens in the bank accounts (checking, MM, Credit card)
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