EVERY time I go into Quicken it needs passwords

I've used Quicken for well over 20 years, switched to MAC about 10 years ago, so lived with many problems there, but I just "upgraded" to the newest version with subscription hoping it would fix the aggravation of updating transactions. NOPE. Every time I start Quicken, it opens fine, all good till I hit the update accounts circle, then I start getting requests for passwords for different banks' accounts. All the while SAVE THE PASSWORDS in Keychain is checked, I have to go into each account inputting passwords, and getting the 6 digit code from banks to update. This is the opposite of convernience IMO. Is there a way to get it to save this information or should I just give up. The upgrade made no improvements that I can see at all from the MAC 2017 version I'd been using before.

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