How To Record Past Due Rent?

I have set up Quicken to track my rental property and have a question.

How do I record past due rent and utility bills?

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  • Frankx
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    Hi ddcanfield,

    I just want to clarify your question - when you refer to "record past due rent" - are you asking how you should record that once it is received?  And similarly, with respect to "utility bills" - are these also past due, and are these payments that you receive from tenants, or are they payments that you will make to the utility companies?


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  • ddcanfield
    Hi Frankx,

    Thanks for responding. To clarify, I have set up the property and the tenant as of January, however the tenant owes me for December and I am not sure how to record the past due rent, the same with a utility bill the tenant owes me. I hope this makes sense.
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