Provide an option to export ALL or SELECTED/MULTIPLE account transaction registers to Excel

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Suggestion: Add a top-level EXPORT option to Export multiple registers to Excel. Allow the user to select one, many, or all registers to either a single Excel workbook file or to multiple files.

Background: My mother passed away a couple years ago and after I managed her money for most of my life, I finally decided it was time to stop carrying her file forward in Quicken (in case I never needed info and to keep it compatible) and to close it out for good and never reopen it.

I wanted an offline archive, but the best I could find was to export each individual register to Excel, so I did that and it took over 2+ hours to export the individual account registers from Quicken into individual Excel files, AND to manually capture the Account Properties (loan type, description, etc.) to an offline document. Going back 25 years, I couldn't believe how many accounts had been captured in quicken, so this was a LOT of work!

Still not done, though, because next I need to manually now merge all of those individual workbooks into one Excel workbook, so everything is together.

This is time-consuming and if Quicken had an option to do all of the registers at once, even if to multiple files, that would have helped!

In my specific case it was to archive my mom's Quicken records to an offline file (eventually) but perhaps other people have reasons to want to export multiple registers at one time to a single file, so I hope this is something that can be implemented in the future.

NOTE: Not sure if "backup" is the right category, so please move if better suited elsewhere!


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    It sounds like you may not be familiar with the All Transactions register. It is a register that combines all non investment accounts. You can find the All Transactions link at the top of the Account Bar. 

    Some other things you might want to consider is an export of transaction registers will not include key tax info like lot selections for investment sell transactions. If your mom had investment sales, you might want to look at exporting reports like the capital gains report. 

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