Can I have memorized split transactions

Ages ago in QFW, I created a memorized split transaction for my paycheck. It has all of the categories that it needs, just no data. When I enter in my check, I just fill in the amounts and we're done. I'm trying to switch to QFM and, as usual, it seems that this very simple feature is not there. If I enter in the payee of Paycheck, in QFW, it brings up the memorized translation with the splits. In QFM, no such luck. Either I have to click on the split icon and manually create everything again, or I have to select an old split transaction as an example, which does bring in all of the fields, but also the amounts. While it's not impossible to work with this, it's just extra work for no reason. Am I missing another way to do this?

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  • Jon Y
    Jon Y Member ✭✭
    I do have the new version; I'll take a look at it.
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