New Update for QW-2017 Pushed Out Today 1/21/20 - R19.8

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I received an update this morning.  Assuming this is the fix for the OSU problems for us 2017 hangers-on.  I ran OSU right after and the good news is that it completed all accounts without crashing or errors.  Bad news is it took about 4 minutes longer than it used to.  I can live with that.

Question - How about you?  Anyone having better results??  Problems??

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    Where is the manual download page?
    What happened to the old update page that was user friendly
    I have been trying to find for 30 minutes
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    I have not installed this update because the below worked for me. I can now update with one step - 15 accounts (2 schwab with 3 each sub accounts) in under 45 seconds - no problems.

    This worked for me for Quicken 2017, Windows 10 Pro (Ver. 1909 Build 18362.418– All Patches Current)
    Thanks to Quicken Sara and SMT2

    Turn off animation (Recommended)
    Most Users have confirmed that turning off the Animation setting under the Preferences window resolve this issue and allows One Step Update to complete as expected.

    Turning off the animation:
    1. Open Quicken.
    2. Click Edit, then choose Preferences.
    3. Click Setup in the left pane.
    4. Uncheck Turn on Animation in the right pane.
    5. Click OK.

    1 - Close Quicken 2017.
    2 - Under C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\Intuit\, rename Quicken folder to xQuicken. The intent is to remove Quicken folder and allow Quicken to recreate new folder. Note: Remove xQuicken after all is over.
    3 - Reinstall Mondo Patch for Quicken 2017 (
    4 - Start Quicken. In Quicken, Click File -> Select Open Quicken File. Note: You must know where your Quicken Data file is located. Do not do an OCS Update at this time.
    Close Quicken and delete the Numbered Bank Branding Folders that match those in the list as explained below.

    Note: You must be able to View Hidden Files & Folders to find the branding folder:

    To determine which branding folders to remove:
    1. Open the FIDir.txt in Notepad:
    • Quicken 2017: C:\Program Data\Intuit\Quicken\Inet\Common
    • Subscription Release of Quicken: C:\Program Data\Quicken\Inet\Common\Localweb\Banklist\2019
    • Keep this open in notepad as you will use this list to find/match the branding folders next.

    To locate the branding folder:
    • Quicken 2017: C:\Program Data\Intuit\Quicken\[branding folder]
    • Subscription Release of Quicken: C:\Program Data\Quicken\[branding folder]

    2. Now Perform a Find (Ctrl + F or Edit > Find) for each branding folder number you have. Remember to search both “up” and “down” with Find. (Example: 08888 = Charles Schwab).
    3. Delete all your numbered folders that you find in the list. Leave all the ones you do not find.

    If you inadvertently delete the wrong folder, don't worry - Quicken will recreate that folder the next time you update the account(s) with the bank. Only deactivated accounts will not recreate a deleted Branding folder.

    5 - Restart Quicken
    6 - Run OCS Update -> Enter Quicken Login ID/Password -> Enter Vault Password. Click Settings... <Have to enter Quicken Login ID/Password, because the information was remove under step 2.
    7 - Unselect all FI's and unselect All Online Services (I have only one Online Services - Download Quotes & Investment Information. No other services such as Bill Pay, Mobile/Web, Cloud Sync, etc.)
    8 - Now select just a handful of FI's to update. I started with 3.
    9 - Click Update Now.
    10 - Run OSU again. Click OSU Down Arrow -> Select Update Settings -> OSU FI Screen
    11 - Add more FI's to update... Select additional 3-4 more FI's.
    12 - Click Update Now.

    Repeat step 10 - 12 until all FI's + Online Services are Checked.
    Hopefully this works for you!
  • Frankx
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    Just curious about the timing - do you take all of the above steps before the 1/21/20 release of the Q 2017 Update/Patch?  It seems like you needed to do a lot more than I would have envisioned to fix the issue.


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  • thecreator
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    Hi Rick,

    The Quicken 2017 R19.8 Patch fixes a problem in the Register as well, but is not Identified.

    thecreator - User of Quicken Subscription R53.16 USA

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    Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit Build 19045.3754

  • Rick8
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    Sorry I did not answer you sooner, but I did not get the e-mail that this thread had any activity. I was searching for info on how well the R19.8 worked (or didn't).
    I did the above fix weeks before the R19.8 Patch. It does seem extensive, but it was a combination of several "fixes" none of which did everything. Now I am wondering if I should do the R19.8 Patch!
  • Frankx
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    @Rick, N9AJ

    Thanks for getting back to me. You raise a good question about whether you should also do the R19.8 Patch. Since I did not do all of the steps that you outlined above and instead only applied the Patch, please understand that this is only my opinion...

    If things are working well for you now, without the patch, you might not want to do the patch.  I only base this on the fact that while the patch did, in fact, fix the downloading issues that I (and many other users) had prior to applying it (which were significant as outlined in a very long thread herein), the downloading process for me has been taking much longer to complete than it has ever taken in the past.  While this is a little annoying, I am okay with it because I am not having any of the other problems anymore.  Just my 2 cents...

    Good luck!

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    never mind ...

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