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In the lifetime planner, I have added the future purchase and sale of a primary residence home. When I look at the Income and Expenses summary for the year of the sale, it shows a value for Portfolio Summary, Taxable, Plus: Gains which is higher than just that for my normal investments. I am assuming that Quicken is calculating some level of gains from investing the money received for the sale of the property. But I can't figure out how it's calculating the number I'm getting. Also, I would have assumed it had something to do with the date when I plan to sell it during the year but I change that and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

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  • meesha
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    Thank you for your response and the clarification. I did some more checking. Like you said above, the only year that is in question is the year of the sale. The numbers I was getting both for the years before and the years after were as I expected. The deposit into my portfolio for the sale year also was explainable. It was only the gains number that didn't seem to compute. In my case, I left my plan with the purchase in it and then just altered what year the sale occurred and looked at how the gains numbers changed as I moved the sale year around. At today's value the "additional" gains were always the same number for the year I sold the property (understandably they changed when I owed taxes on the sale - less money invested). In future values, they of course changed based on inflation. In my case, however, the number wasn't exactly 50% of my rate-of-return. I think you are right, Quicken has simplified the calculations and I don't have a problem with that - after all I don't really know what time of year I'll be selling the property and if I will immediately invest the funds. Mostly, I would just like to know how they are calculating it.
    Yes, I'm one of those people who has to find the missing penny when I'm balancing my accounts :smile:
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