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Quicken Premiere 2020, R24.11, Build   A feature that was added was that in comparison reports you could now have the difference between the comparisons shown as a % difference.  (See Below).  I have four questions about the feature.  First, when searching "Help" for this new feature there is very little useful information.  Second, what does INF mean?  I looked in HELP but nothing that I could find.  Third, INF appears when the actual and budget are 0.00, instead of INF shouldn't the percentage be 0.00. Finally, in several instances where the Actual is 0.00, the Budget is an amount say 3.00 and the difference is 3.00 the percentage difference is -100% BUT in another instance (see below) where the actual is 0.00, the budget is 3.00 and the difference is 3.00 the difference is -99.6%  Shouldn't this be -100% as well like the other instances where the actual is 0.00 and the Actual and Difference are the same?


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    Seems to me that the difference should be as a percentage of budget.  So if the budget is zero, INF would mean infinite or infinity due to division by zero.  The -99.6 one looks like an error to me.
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    Sounds reasonable except in the case where there is an Actual amount but the budget is $0.00 the % difference should be -100% (Expenses, but +100% income)
    not INF because is your budget amount is 0.00 and you spend anything in that category it should be -100%.  Again if it is an income category is should be +100%.

    I just tried an experiment in Excel.  If you divide by 0 I believe that is what triggers the INF error.  The other situation seems to be a bug.  The help file needs to be updated to at least say what INF is and the situations that can cause it.

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