Budget/reminder setup problem

Hi I'm new to the community but have been using Quicken since 1997. Here's my problem. I download my transactions from my bank. I've tried to setup my monthly bills as a reminder a couple of times over the years but it looks like the budget reminders automatically deduct the payment from my check registry and when I actually make the payment online it's deducted again. At least that's what it looks like to me. Wondered what I'm doing wrong. I use the 2020 R2411 . Any help on how to fix this would be great. Thanks


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    Maybe a couple of setting changes might help out.

    In your check register, there is an option to include or exclude reminders.  Including them might account for your double dip problem, perhaps?  In the upper right corner of your check register, pull down the icon that looks like a clock.

    In your budget view, there is an option to include or exclude reminders as well.  Including them will show the reminders actual expense throughout the budget year based upon the reminder setting.  In the upper right corner of your budget view, pull down "Budget Actions">View Options>Include reminders check box.

    Play around with these settings and see if they solve your issue.  
  • Hi thanks. I have my check register to don't show reminders because when I do it automatically adds them into my check register. Which I don't want. I have them added as reminders, don't want them to add to the register. As far as the budget I don't have that setup from 2019 yet.
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