Bond Symbol isn't the CUSIP - How to Fix?

Several years back, when I uploaded a bond portfolio from a Merrill Lynch account, Quicken added a "ticker" for each position that isn't the CUSIP.

For example, I own a bond with CUSIP 038222AL9 (which I can see in the "Other Info" section of the security detail), but the symbol for the security is AMAT27, which loosely describes the issue, but isn't an official label.

When I uncheck "Matched with online security" - hoping to replace the AMAT27 label with the CUSIP - Quicken wants to create a new security, which I am hesitant to do.

Any ideas?

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  • q_lurker
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    Two thoughts:

    1)  What's the problem?  Why do you think you need the CUSIP id in the Ticker field?  What program behavior are you expecting to change by you making this change?  What is deficient in the current behavior?

    2)  Typically bonds do not have tickers.  As such, when you have a Quicken security with the Security Type set to Bond, the program greys-out the ticker field and does not allow an entry or a change.  If you change the Security Type to something other than Bond, the ticker field becomes live and you can enter or change the value.  After making the change to the ticker, change the type back to Bond to get proper reporting on your portfolio. 

    In changing the ticker, Quicken will prompt you to a) copy the prices from old ticker to new ticker (choose yes, the default) and b) Delete the prices associated with the old ticker (your choice, but I'd choose yes, not the default).  I see no value in maintaining duplicate price history in two places for this scenario. 

    There should not be any need to uncheck the Matched to online security box.  Matching occurs through the CUSIP field (the other information screen); not via a ticker.  Not a deal-breaker if you do uncheck, but extra work for you later.    
  • cjpagano
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    Thanks for the quick answer.

    With respect to item #1, I am unable to find a report I can export that allows me to select the CUSIP field.

    If there is a way for me to print/download the CUSIPs for my bond holdings, I would greatly appreciate learning how.
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