QMac.subscription.(5.14.2) Paying Bills with eBills all set up

I have ebills all set up but I don't always pay what is due. If I click "pay now" does it always auto enter the transaction for the due amount?

Do I get a chance to edit the amount?

If I play around with it to test myself can I undo the transaction?

Specifically what actions can I UNDO? Are there certain things that can't be undone (given that I don't sync up with my bank).

Are there actions that can't be undone (even if I don't sync with my bank)?

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    Thank you @John_in_NC
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    > @John_in_NC said:

    > This will present you with the single instance of the transaction that you can edit to your heart's content. Hit enter to save, and this single instance will be posted. (This is useful for bills that vary (electric, etc.) or cases where you wish to pay a different amount. Future instances of the reminder won't be altered. 
    > If you have any more questions, post back.

    Bills&Income ---> Projected Balance Screen
    That's exactly what I needed. I will use this screen to pay those bills that change amounts. Thanks again.
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