Can I schedule a future transfer between two direct connect accounts (Savings to Checking)?

I get my paycheck deposited into my savings account. I transfer amounts for bills to my checking slightly different amounts every time twice a month. I don't see a way to schedule a transfer to have regular income in the future. I was looking at the bills & income -- projected balance (thank you @John_in_NC ) for my checking account and it's way off because my regular deposits are in my savings account. I guess I can schedule income and then skip the instance and do a transfer to fudge numbers to work out.

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  • RickO
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    Both accounts must be at the same bank set up for Direct Connect, and the bank must support Intra-bank funds transfer. To check the latter, open the account settings (menu Accounts > Settings...) and look for the green dot:

    If these criteria are met, you can create a scheduled transaction for it. But the transfer will never take place automatically. You must still mark the transaction as paid each month and then connect to the bank for it to be transmitted.
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  • djbenedetti
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    @RickO Thanks, Yes, the green light is on. I knew I was configured for it. I Guess I set up as income and choose account when making the transaction. Just new to Q still getting the feel for it. Thanks.
  • djbenedetti
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    @John_in_NC Thanks, yes I was getting hung up on the graph. Just trying to use it for my benefit and show a near true representation of what will happen. I figured that part of my problem was that it was including statement value of a CC I had rather that a lower payment I will make on that. The scheduled transfer did work so I appreciate the feedback from yourself and @RickO . The "fudge" was only if I couldn't get the transfer scheduled so not needed now.

    The CC payment would be nice if it didn't default to the ebill value so I can stay in the GREENon the graph. It seems that when setting up the scheduled ebill it only takes the estimated value for the first one then resets to ebill balance.
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