Is there a way to remove an account from the Budget tool?

I create a mock account and I don't want to include it in the budget tool. Can you edit which accounts it pulls into the budget?

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  • plgondeck
    plgondeck Member ✭✭
    Never thought of that. Good to know. That may be something, they could fix in the future.
  • mpissanos
    mpissanos Member ✭✭
    In the PLANNING tab, you can click on pull down menu called "Budget Actions" and then "select accounts". You can then un-select the dummy accounts that you do not want to pull data from.
  • mshiggins
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    @mpissanos your screen capture appears to be from Quicken for Windows. This discussion is for Quicken for Mac. 

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  • UKR
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    "Mock accounts" used for testing things might be best kept in their own, separate Quicken data file: File menu / New data file.
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