Online Traditional IRA Accounts (2) stopped updating Share Balance 18 months ago

donovandad1 Member
edited May 2022 in Investing (Mac)
The Share Balances didn't update 11/1/18, and I didn't notice until 1/28/20. :# I opened the first transaction with a 0 Share Balance, it looked fine, I hoped something would happen if I saved it after opening - nothing. Checked other online accounts/types, only these 2 had the issue. In desperation, I duplicated the first transaction with a 0 Share Balance in case it had a problem that wasn't visible, and the missing monthly Share Balances all appeared. I deleted the duplicate transaction I just made, and the Share Balances did not go away, AND they were all correct, including the Portfolio view. :o

I repeated the action for the second account - all went well.

I don't know what went wrong or why it worked. Something to ponder. Otherwise I'd be asking how to update the Share Balance manually.
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