Add reminder,not related to transaction?

Is there a way to add a reminder not related to an income or expense? As more banks add (required) two-factor authentication, I want to remove those from One Step Update but don't want to forget to regularly manually update them. So, I'd like to add reminders that would pop up and tell me "Update XYZ Bank". I could do it in Outlook, but I'd rather see it when I open Quicken and am in "bookkeeping mode".

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  • pdallen1970
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    Thanks - I didn't see that before. It's pretty limited (only 30 days) but I suppose it's better than nothing. I was hoping I could customize the timing based on the account.
  • mshiggins
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    You can create reminders not tied to an actual expense. Just make the Payee name something meaningful to you, like Bank of America Download. 

    I have reminders for lots of things. One example is a reminder for each of the three major credit reporting companies to check my credit report annually. These reminders are scheduled so I remember to check a report every 4 months. 

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