Deleting Cloud Database

I followed the steps below - from Quicken Support. BUT for Item 5 there no "Reset your Cloud data" button/link is present. Hence, no way to reset my cloud data. Please offer an explanation for why this required button is missing. It was there in October. A new version of the program was auto-installed late last fall when renewed subscription. Any relevance?
1) Click the Mobile & Web tab. OKAY
2) Click edit profile. The Preferences dialog displays. OKAY
3) If prompted, enter your password. Depending on how you've set things up, this may either be your Password Vault password, or your Quicken ID password. N/A
4) In the left pane, select Quicken ID, Sync & Alerts. OKAY
5) In the right pane, under Mobile & Web, click Reset your Cloud data. NOT PRESENT
6) In the Reset your Cloud Data dialog, type yes, and then click Reset. CAN'T COMPLETE


  • GeoffG
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    This article illustrates how to delete the cloud account.
    What may not be clear is that you need to create a dummy Quicken data file (temporarily) to access the current data set on the cloud. After successfully deleting the cloud account, reopen your current data file and delete the temporary data set.

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  • KennyGolub
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    Yes, but that doesn't work. I created a dummy account, deleted the cloud dataset, and when I went back to my real quicken data and did a one step update for my accounts, it automatically recreates the cloud data set. I also removed ALL accounts and categories from mobile before I tried to delete the cloud data set.
  • GeoffG
    GeoffG SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Have you removed the Sync to Cloud check mark from OSU setup? You describe removing the cloud account successfully, but that it is getting recreated. That means you need to turn off the sync.
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