Why is my W2 amount not correct in Tax reports

I have already used the wizard to set up my paycheck but in my tax report the correct amount for my w2 is not displayed. It is keeping 2 different pre-tax deductions in the amount. When I look at the payroll set up, it is deducted correctly and shows the correct amount for the w2. But reports don't show it correctly. What is going on?


  • William
    William Member ✭✭
    I've seen this issue for years. Quicken handles pre-tax deductions correctly in reports projecting the paycheck you've entered, but once they cross from projections to recorded transactions, it no longer treats the pre-tax items correctly. I really wish they would fix this.
  • Lisa Romeo
    Lisa Romeo Member ✭✭
    Ok,that's good to know. At least I know I did my part correctly. I kept trying to figure out what I did wrong. I hate paying for this program and yet Quicken developers can't get their part right!
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