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I use Bank of Montreal for all my banking. Mac OS Catalina. Quicken 2020 subscription based. The bank accounts work fine but the Investorline Accounts do not. Is there anyone out there who is in a similar situation? I have never been able to use Quicken for my investments except to enter manually. Would love to be able to download the data and have it go into my accounts automatically. I know there are programs to convert csc/Excel files to qfx file but do any of them work for Canadian Investment accounts for Mac for Quicken?


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    @magnus2 I stopped using Quicken Windows CAD version in 2002 (not Mac), and at that time BMO Investorline was all manual input/manual entry. I access the CAD market now via Interactive Brokers and use a third party OFX generation tool via Excel to build what I need for my CAD transactions and import. So yes, the tools I use are effective at creating transaction files to import bulk transactions in CAD. It is not automatic, but saves the time of manual input. 

    Remember to backup your file prior to any type of activity like this just in case. Always have a backup.
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    @jr7107 Would you mind telling me the the third party OFX program you use? Thanks.
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