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Quicken Reports NOT Working - Feb 1, 2020

What is going on with Quicken Reports, as of today Feb 1, 2020

I have the same reports generated just a couple of weeks ago and they are fine. But today, all I am seeing is the Summary (Amount) column with the various subtotal headings in bold.

One of the reports is 1 1/2 pages long and the line spacing and amounts is still there (and correct), both from a horizontal and vertical spacing - at least on the screen. But when I print the report, the first few characters of the Account column also


But I am going ahead with this post in case anyone else has run across the same problem.

When you click on the Customized Report button, on the 1st Tab, Display, there is a "Reset Columns" button - you need to click on that button". My report had nothing in the larger retangular "Column" box on that screen, but after clicking on that button. my columns magically re-appeared and everything is back to normal (and all of my other reports as well)

The only idiosynchroncy in this whole harrowing experience was when I first loaded Quicken and clicked on a report - I got this error popup (which I have never seen before) alerting me that I had added some new categories to Quicken and asking if I wanted to imemdiately go to the Customize Report page to include them in my Report - which I denied. I went immedicatly to the report where the columns (I know now) were all screwed up.

Anyway, mark this closed or whatever - or just file it away for anyone else experiencing the same phenomenem(?). [what happend to spell check - hasn't there always been one)

ron in kansas


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