My list of accounts on the LEFT show correct balances but the register for one account does not

I finished my daily work and everything was fine. I opened my file today and the LIST of accounts on the LEFT show the correct balances as they were yesterday. However one account when I open it does not show the correct balance; it is missing transactions. I try RESET but it has no effect.

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  • rroffice
    rroffice Member ✭✭
    What is even stranger is I can run a transaction report and the MISSING transactions show up and the correct balance agrees with the account list on the left. The missing transactions just are not showing up in the register and the register balance reflects this with an incorrect balance.
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    You never answered my question.
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  • rroffice
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    So I just now ran the transaction report and CLICKED on one of the missing transactions to try and take me to that transaction in the register...and it did! and now mysteriously all the missing transactions have appeared????
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