How to download & activate Quicken 2020 to computer running old 2017 version

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I currently have a 2017 non-subscription version of Quicken Deluxe that was loaded to my Windows computer from a CD. I recently received a 2019 subscription version of Q Deluxe that I want to download from the Q website and use to replace the 2017 version. On the download site, it asks if I am: a new Q member, renewing/changing my current membership (remember I don't currently have a subscription), or I'm installing on another computer. Which is the proper way to identify myself, so that my old data will be read by the new program and the installation goes smoothly?

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    mduke1952 said:. I recently received a 2019 subscription version of Q Deluxe that I want to download from the Q website
    What do you mean - please clarify... what did you get - from where ?
    The dialog on the Quicken website has to do with you having an existing Quicken User ID and password...  
    Can you sign into the Quicken online website with a User ID & password ?

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    Q2019 was a gift that was purchased, I believe at Office Depot. It comes with a CD or with an activation code to use before downloading program from their website. My CD drive is nonfunctional so I planned to download from online (at On the Q website, before activating my subscription, I am asked if I'm a new Q member (I'm not and I do have a Q ID and PW), or if I'm renewing/changing a subscription (I'm not, as I've never used a paid subscription before), or if I'm installing on another computer (I'm not...I want to install the new program on the same computer that has the 2017 program installed). I've thought about backing up my data file from the 2017 program on a flash drive, then removing the 2017 program from my computer, and then downloading the 2019 program from the Q website as if I'm a new user. Then I'd import the data file to the new program. Seems like there should be an easier way to go.
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