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Our church is trying to upgrade from Quicken 2003 (running on a desktop of XP) to a new Windows 10 machine with the latest version of Quicken. I do not have access to a computer running less than windows 10 (requirement of 2004) to upgrade the data. Can anyone help with the process

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    I do not have access to the XP computer. The user of the computer backed-up the 2003 version of the files to a thumb drive to test. I ended up installing 2004, 2013, and 2019 all on different laptops, each running Windows 10. This way I could test the process. Everything appears to be working well. We will actually perform the upgrade this weekend.
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    Good luck with the upgrade process.

    Backups, Backups and more Backups!

    Do be sure to have your backups set up properly in Quicken, both the Automatic Backups and the Manual Backups. You can find the settings in Edit / Preferences / Backup.  Don't rely on the installation defaults. That might not be sufficient.
    Write the Manual Backups to an external USB-stick or USB hard drive every time you close Quicken. Use the "Add a date stamp to file name" option so that you have multiple backup files (not just one file that gets replaced every time).
    Also enable and set your Automatic backups to create a backup "every 1 time Quicken closes". Retain 10 copies.
    One can never have enough backups … trust me! BTDTGTS!

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