Summary Report not showing Gain/Loss categories

I have two similar Summary Reports: a) one is a Category vs. Time report, and b) the other is a Category vs. Account report. The Category vs. Time report properly includes the Realized and Unrealized Gain/Loss categories, while the Category vs. Account report does not - it appears to drop them from the report. This leads to differences in totals reported. I am running QMac 5.14.3 - the latest version.

The filters for the two reports are identical (accounts, categories, tags, etc). Both reports have the Realized and Unrealized categories turned on in the filters. The time period for the Category vs Account report spans 1 whole year with true gains/losses - both realized and unrealized. Is there a trick to making this work properly? Or is there a bug in the new Summary Reports that drops Realized & Unrealized Gain/Loss from non-time based reports?

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    Thank you @Quicken_Natalie. I appreciate your response and Quicken's plan to address the defect. I look forward to the fix in an upcoming release.

    All the best - @s2kdriver
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