Why are certain sub-categories (totals) missing from my "Group" report?

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I am using Category "Groups" to create a special report using the standard "Living Expenses by Group" report in Quicken 2019 Starter Edition. I use Groups to separate many Subcategories from their main categories (e.g. A group for Insurance expenses vs Taxes vs other expenses).

 When I run the report with the "Show All" option for Subcategories in the Advanced Tab of the Customization window for the report, the Subcategories all show up in their proper Groups. However, when I change the Subcategories option to "Hide All", for the purposes of reducing the size of the report and reporting Category subtotals and Group totals only, the Subcategories that have a Group not matching the Category Group are not rolling up into the the Category under the Group they have been assigned to.

 If the Category is not assigned a Group (default Personal Expenses), then it is listed separately under Personal Expenses (not what I want). If the Category is assigned another Group, then I'm not sure, but it may be included in the main category under the Group that the main category is assigned (again, not what I want).

I can almost see the logic in what is happening, but is there any way to get sub-totals at the Category level without showing all the detail (sub-category) lines?

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  • Antonio A.
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    Quicken is keeping Category groups to maintain certain retro-compatibility. I'd strongly recommend to you to use TAGS instead. And get rid of the groups. Also make sure you're not grouping expenses/incomes.
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