Possible Bug: Memorize Payee Prompt

I believe I may have found a bug (or at least inconsistent behavior) in how Quicken 2020 prompts me to "Create Custom Renaming Rules". When I rename a downloaded payee in the register, I typically get prompted to create a renaming rule (which I want). Here's the behavior I'm seeing:

-- Change the name, hit <ENTER> - prompted
-- Change the name, click away from the line - prompted
-- Change the name, click to another field, click away from line - prompted
-- Change the name, tab to another field, click away from line - prompted
-- Change the name, change the category, click away from line - NOT PROMPTED

The last outcome is (obviously) the unexpected behavior. I would expect to be prompted either when I tab away from the payee, or when I click away from the line (or hit <ENTER>) after updating the category after the payee.

I have a (not ideal) workaround:

-- Change the name, hit <ENTER>, get prompted and create renaming rule
-- Go back to the transaction, change any other fields (such as category), hit <ENTER>

What makes this especially non-ideal is that I'm left with three entries in the "Memorized Payee List" instead of the one that I would have hoped for. For example, the payee, "4th Thor Car Wash Pl" came in as "Auto & Transport:Parts & Service". The workaround and fallout were as follows:

-- Change to "4th and Thor Car Wash" and hit <ENTER>
-- Renaming rule comes up; I set to rename accordingly
-- I go back to the transaction and change to "Auto & Transport:Other"
-- The Memorized Payee List now includes:
------- 4th And Thor Car Wash - Auto & Transport:Other
------- 4th And Thor Car Wash - Auto & Transport:Parts & Service
------- 4th Thor Car Wash Pl
-- I delete the two that are wrong (the last two)

If I'm missing a setting or doing things in an unexpected manner, please let me know. I am running release R24.14 on Windows 10 with the latest Windows Updates applied.

Thank you to anyone that has a thought or two on this!


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    Hello Jason (@Jason Pegg)

    Thank you for taking the time to share the details of this issue with the Community, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    I did some testing in my personal data file, using the excellent information provided by yourself, and am also seeing this behavior happen.

    The prompt to review the created renaming rule appears in all instances except when making multiple consecutive edits to the transaction, such as changing both the payee and category fields.

    I have reported this behavior to our Product Teams for further investigation and resolution and will post back with any updates as they are received.

    Thank you again for reporting this and please let us know if there are any further questions/concerns the Community may assist with.



    Resolved in R26 release
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