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A couple of years ago I created a new database for tracking my mother-in-law's finances for her. I wanted hers to sync to the cloud so she could look at it, but I don't sync my own personal database, and I didn't want her to have access to my account. So I paid for another subscription to Quicken and now she has a logon, and her database sync's with her account in the cloud. However, even though it's still useful for me to track her finances, she lost interest and never uses the online info. So I want to stop paying for that second account, and have her database function as a second database associated with my personal subscription.

When I switch to her database and try to connect to download transactions, it tells me the database has a different owner and requires that I log on to her Quicken account. This is apparently normal, and I've been doing it since the initial purchase.

How do I tell the database that its owner has changed, so it will let me use my personal Quicken account?

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    It worked! Thanks! I doubt I'd have ever figured that out on my own.
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