Reinvest Dividend transaction not working

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    Similar issues here. Part of my Fidelity IRA is a mutual fund, the remainder is money market. Both of these accounts receive dividends periodically and separately, and all dividends are automatically reinvested into the money market account. The QFM register balance shows money market balance (which is good enough).

    1. All downloaded DIVIDEND RECEIVED + REINVESTMENT transaction pairs get translated into a single QFM row with category Dividend Income. (Bug: category should indicate a reinvestment).

    2. These Dividend Income entries correctly update register balance but screw up taxes since they are treated as income rather than reinvestments.

    3. Manually changing Dividend Income to Reinvest Dividend also fails since,

    a) register balance is no longer updated, and

    b) tax schedule still shows Dividend Income. (Bug: it behaves as if the original category was copied somewhere and forgotten rather than being read from brokerage register as needed).

    Perhaps your Apple developers could remove some of the "smarts" from brokerage wizards so that we can manage our brokerage accounts properly when QFM defaults are not sufficient?

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