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Every time I login to the website I keep getting a message that I need to update my desktop version, I'm running V 24 and I'm able to sync so I'm not sure why I keep getting this message.


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    "V 24" is not precise enough.
    The current Q 2020 release, as shown by Help / About Quicken is Release R 24.14 for the US version
    If you're not on R 24.14, please update Quicken on your desktop / laptop: Click Help / Check for Updates
  • I think it is "precise" enough since the alert is saying to "170082 R15.16 or higher" and assuming this is some type of bug is why I'm asking. Yes I have the most current version since I just reinstalled it yesterday since I'm dealing with its poor speed performance. I haven't had this issue before with my already installed versions using the web but after support had me uninstall and reinstall it this has been popping up.
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    You get the honor to contact Support again and let them work on it some more.
    AFAIK, you're the first one here in the Community to report this particular issue.
    Sorry I can't be of any more help.
  • OK, thought this might have come up before for other users.
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