Quicken 2017

I'm using Quicken 2017, and because I don't use don't use the online features I'm not planning on purchasing the subscription product.

Will Quicken 2017 continue to operatate (without online access) like the previous version do?

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  • radiofan
    radiofan Unconfirmed ✭✭

    I realize that manual means everything. Many years ago (I've been purchasing/using Quicken since the first release of Quicken for Windows) I tried the bank download feature, but it was more of a pain than manually entering transactions. I'll miss the investment price updating, but I'm okay with manually updating them every week or so.

    If Quicken ever steps back from the subscription product I'll buy again, but I'm not willing to pay an annual fee for only one online feature I use.

  • Grace Wagner
    I agree with you, the only online feature I use so I won't be doing the subscription product either.
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