CitiCard Downloads via Quicken Connect

I've successfully downloaded my CitiCard transactions for months. Then, over the weekend Quicken Mac 2020 stopped finding my credit card accounts, giving me a -32 Error (CP_Account_Not_Found). It asks if I want to "Fix It" and I go through the steps, but indeed Quicken connects with Citi, but the account is nowhere to be found in my list of active accounts. Any suggestions?

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  • glennmacc
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    > @RickO said:
    > Are you connecting to "Citi Cards" with Quicken Connect? If so, you should change it to (free) Direct Connect. It will work much better.
    > Choosing Direct Connect


    Thanks for this. As it turns out, Citi has "revamped" its download process and required me to re-link my account to Quicken. Once I did, everything seemed to work well. Thanks for that advice, it might have been nice if my bank mentioned this change to me somewhere along the line. It is only after I chose "Change Connection Type" in Quicken that Citi's website put up a warning and explained the issue. I'd never have seen it otherwise. So thanks for your help which led me to the answer.


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