Report folders named with '/' character - causing OneDrive issues


I recently switched from Windows to Mac version of Quicken. I have my Quicken folder on Mac as part of my OneDrive structure (so it is being sync'd to OneDrive).

OneDrive doesn't like the naming structure used - specifically it doesn't like the '/' character in report folders that are generated.

Has anyone else encountered this? Any suggested solutions? (other than don't use OneDrive ;) )



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    Using OneDrive to store your Quicken data file is unsupported so I doubt you'll get any answers.

    Services such as OneDrive or Google Drive can be used as a location to store backups of your Quicken data files.  We don't recommend storing your active data files, or installing Quicken, on these drives.  If you restore a backup that is located in your cloud drive, make certain the restored file is saved locally on your hard drive before using the file.

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