Cash Balance won't go away even when there's no cash to balance

I transferred RMD funds from my Vanguard IRA to my Vanguard brokerage account using the WithdrwX action, let's say $10,000. Before the transfer the Cash Bal in the IRA account was $0.00 (always swept in to a MMF). When I downloaded after the transfer, for that entry Inv Amt read -$10,000, Cash Amt read "Transfer," and Cash Bal read -$10,000. Cash Bal has remained that way through subsequent entries and downloads. The account doesn't have $10,000 cash in it, much less negative $10,000. All previous strays from zero corrected themselves. Thanks in advance.

Q 2017 Windows.

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  • It was right in front of me. Thanks so much. Keep lurkin'.
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