Having troubles getting Quicken to recognize ETF symbols in Add Security?

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I've been having "issues" getting Quicken (Canadian subscription version) to identify securities when adding a new security to the Security List, particularly U.S. ones and particularly for ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).

When you are trying to Add New SEcurity in Quicken you can search by either name or the stock market symbol.

Searching by name is even more problematic because every stock market data service seems to have slight variations in the name and I have had even less success. However, searching by the stock symbol, which you would think would be foolproof given that it is fairly unique, isn't.

In many cases, if you enter the full 4 letters of the symbol in the search dialog, Quicken reports it cannot find it.

However, I've found this approach works well. I was recently searching for SCHD.

1. Start typing the first letter or two of the security symbol in the Add Security to Quicken dialog box.
2. Wait for Quicken to provide some potential symbols, as shown below. Note if it won’t give you results with two letters, then try one letter. Quicken should start to give you results, with the number of results shown on each of the tabs for Stocks, ETFs etc.
3. Click on the ETFs tab to display what Quicken has found for you. Often it won’t include what you are looking for, but don't despair.
4. Now continue typing the rest of the stock symbol for the ETF. Quicken will miraculously find your ETF!
5. Select it from the list and click Next to finish the setup.

I suspect this might apply to Mutual Funds, Stocks etc so let me know if you find this works.


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    Merci. With patience and time it finally found it. Nonetheless, it is a very cumbersome and lenghty process, I wish they'd fix it to work properly with the symbol and stock exchange.
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