Is there a Forecasting Monthly Calendar

I haven't started with Quicken yet....and am currently using on online personal finance tool. The main thing I like is the Monthly Forecasting tool available that I'm currently using. But being an online tool it is extremely slow. I'd rather have a desktop tool that will just backup online (so to speak). So my quick question is does Quicken have a monthly forecasting calendar available in it? And if so....would mind posting an example screenshot? I just want to make sure that it's what I expect before purchasing if possible. Thanks


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    You mean something like the Projected Balances view showing future account balances for selected account registers?

    Are you new to Quicken for Windows?

    Please read this for more information, some videos and a list of resources to help familiarize yourself with Quicken:

    Yeap....I'm new. And thank you for your quick response with links and the graphic. So I'm guessing they don't have a view or version of the forecaster that looks like this?
    Hopefully you'll be able to see that if you click on it.... but it's just a calendar view that has current balance and future balance as projected bills are paid....
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    There's a similar Calendar view available in Quicken, showing all transactions by day and a sum of all selected accounts' balances every day.
    Unless, for example, your Checking account is the only account selected to show in the Calendar view, it won't show if you are about to run out of cash in an individual account. That's shown only in the Projected Balances view (as indicated by the clickable little yellow triangles)
    Ok....Thanks UKR....very helpful. Think I'll give it a chance...
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