Deleting details from paycheck results in incorrect net pay

I was correcting my last paycheck once I received my paystub (editing a previously entered and reconciled paycheck). I needed to delete a couple of benefit lines as well as medicare deductions that had maxed out. I was able to successfully delete 3 of the lines, but when I got to the fourth the calculation of net pay was completely wrong. I canceled out and tried again by deleting in a different order. Didn't matter, once I got to the 4th line to delete the net pay calculation was incorrect. I ended up just zeroing out the lines. Even after saving the paycheck I tried again to delete the zero amount lines. Same problem, the net pay was correctly left the same until I got the 4th and the net pay increased.


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    Hi @SniffNYC,

    I noticed that you haven't gotten a response to your question yet. 

    I wasn't able to completely understand what is happening, and I tried to replicate what you were doing, but I was unable to get the same results as you.  However, the behavior you describe could be an indication of a problem with your Quicken data file.  So, I would suggest that you perform a file validation & repair process - as described in detail here:

    Also - make sure that you backup your Quicken data file first.

    Once you've completed the above troubleshooting steps - try to make the corrections to your payroll transactions again, and report back to us here on your results.

    Good luck!

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  • SniffNYC
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    Thanks Frankx. I did do the validation but the paycheck was still a problem. It did not have the same behavior but the net pay per the detail was correct while the amount on the ledger did not match (I sent to you in separate email). I ended up deleting the paycheck and re-entering from scratch. No idea what corrupted the paycheck in the first place.
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