Will Quicken 2017 download and install Subscription Quicken once I've paid for it?

I have Quicken 2017, and it does everything I want it to do. However, I was forced to pay for Subscription Quicken because I use the mobil app a lot.
I'm in no hurry to upgrade to Quicken 2020, but I thought that being a Subscription Member would result in Quicken 2017 prompting me to upgrade itself. So far, it has not. Even though I purchased the Membership through the same Quicken Account, Quicken 2017 still tells me I have the most recent version when I ask it to "Check for Updates."
Should I wait for it to do upgrade itself automatically, or is it necessary to manually download the new version and install it?
If manual download and install is necessary, does on install 2020 over 2017, OR is it necessary to first uninstall 2017?

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