Quicken 2002 & Windows 10 compatibility

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    Thank you! Reading this gave me confidence that I could get my quicken 2002 deluxe to work on win 10. But my story might help others as well.

    Bought HP Pavilion Desktop BIRJI7F win 10 in July 2019 and installed quicken 2002 Deluxe no problem except had to finagle a bit to get it directed to my qhi.idb (inventory) file. It acted a bit quirky when the cursor ran over the quick tabs bar in that if the cursor moved fast, the descriptions would temporarily disappear.

    Recently bought HP Pavilion Desktop FR2G8TP. This time, it would execute from the program files exe file but not from a desktop shortcut pointed at the exe file!!! Did a LOT of finagling to security, compatibility and properties and finally got it to execute from the desktop. But then I could not get it to bypass the UAC prompt!

    This is the only installed program I have ever had that went to UAC. I couldn't stand the annoyance, so I decided to uninstall and reinstall. But after the uninstall (and I rebooted and cleaned up all the Quicken files and rebooted again), when I popped in the CD, I got a msg that "this software will not install on this computer. Check with the manufacturer". Whoo, now I'm really f'ed I thought.

    Here's where your comments came in, the advice to copy the CD files to the C: drive if your CD is read only and work with compatibility. [When I move and/or copy files I like to have open a file explorer showing the from location and another file explorer showing the receiving location.] So I opened one file explorer to be the receiver. Then opened the 2nd file explorer, navigated to the CD and when I clicked on the directory drive, F: in my case, up popped a msg, "do you want to install Quicken 2002?" So I clicked yes and it installed.

    Still have disappearing descriptions in my quick tabs and still had to finagle to get it to recognize my inventory file. Other than that no problem. Executed just file from a desktop icon AND, AND ... got no UAC prompt. Why it executed when I clicked the directory drive, I have no idea.

    I will note this: The first installation - to the 2nd computer - I put in my D: drive D:\LIC Program Files and the 2nd install went to the standard C:\Program Files (x86). I made that change to eliminate that as a problem.

    And now that my excapade is over, I think that installing it NOT in Program Files (x86) had a lot to do with the nightmare. So I share this for whatever it is worth.
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    I've been a Quicken Deluxe user for years, and decided to keep my 2002 version after testing three newer versions. My Quicken 2002 is running perfectly until today on two desktops (Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron) with Windows 10. Kudos for Quicken 2002!
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    You should at least try to convert to the 2013 version since you don’t use any online services or download transactions now. Starting in 2014 they instituted an ID password to get into your own data. I’m staying on 2013. 

    You can download 2013 for free (I think it's the Deluxe version) using this how to convert article.  It’s under Converting from Quicken 2004-2009.

    FYI - All Quicken versions prior to QW2010 store your data in a series of files all sharing the same filename but with different extensions like - .IDX, .QEL, .QPH & .QDF, and all 4 of those files were rolled into a single-file .QDF in starting in 2010.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    ok. Tku
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