1. My Transfers are not longer matching? and 2. how to I eliminate the duplicate transaction

I download checking and credit card transactions. In the past when I go to the cc payment transaction and select transfer with the checking account I get the match pop (we found a matching transaction I say yes and they match. Now (since the recent update) when I select the transfer to the checking account it does not pull-up the dialogue box) if I enter (without a match) it then duplicates the downloaded transaction in the checking account? Why is this happening and 1. how do I get the transactions to match and 2) now that I duplicated the transaction in checking if I delete it from checking it then deletes the downloaded transaction from Credit Card, so how do I eliminate the duplicate in checking with out eliminating the downloaded payment in the credit card account?

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  • James Young
    James Young Member ✭✭
    Thank you. Still not auto matching like it was prior but at least the drag and drop repairs the duplicate
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