organize reports by category, then tag?

how can I organize reports by category, then tag? thx


  • RickO
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    I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but perhaps one of these will help:

    1. Create a Transaction Report and choose Category for rows. Customize as needed. After the report comes up, click the Columns button and add the Tags column. Then click the Tags column header. This will sort the report by tab within each category. Unfortunately, it won't subtotal by tab within category, but a least the transactions for each tag will be listed sequentially.

    2. Create a Summary Report and choose Category for rows and Tags for columns. This will give you the total of transactions for each tag within each category. Unfortunately, it won't give you details of each transaction.

    If you are looking for transaction details and subtotals of tags within categories, the Category Summary report does this. However, this is an old report that is being deprecated and no longer maintained. There have been reports of data inaccuracies of late when using this report.
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  • ninaz
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    This is exactly what I want!

    Why eliminate the old Category summary without having a new report that does both? Figured out one work around is to rename categories by account, so different name for Interest (interest income, interest earned, Int income) for each bank/financial institution will allow sub-totals, but that does not work for Investments because the register does not allow for changes to categories (which I don't understand) and you can change the type of transaction but can not rename the type. This is particularly a problem because some of my investment income is taxable and some is exempt in the same account. I also have more than one brokerage account, but this combines the interest from all accounts.

    I guess I will be forced to use the old Category summary report, which allows to to use the tags to separate accounts, etc. for this year's taxes.

    Is there some place to vote on this request?
  • wynneh
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    I have Quicken 2017, and I was able to view the tags under their categories in December. Unfortunately, I didn't save the report. I will buy the new version of Quicken after I finish my taxes. Maybe that will help.
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