What is a Register report? How can you select the date range for that report?

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As silly as this sounds I never knew there was a Register Report.  I've used various reports from the Toolbar, but I don't see Register Report listed there, or anywhere else for that matter. The question I have is: I noticed there seems to be a default date set for that report that includes the current year, going back to the beginning of the previous year. So today is 02-20-2020, when I run a Register Report, it includes dates beginning 1-28-2019 thru today. I've tried several ways to change the date range, but the earliest it sees to go back to is 01-28-2019. Is that just the earliest default for that report?


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    How are you getting to your - Register Rreport -
    open your Account Register - Gear - More Reports --> Register Report -
    then it has the usual drop-down to select your Date Range -

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    Never mind, I just realized that is a fairly new account that was started on that date. My Bad!  I'm finding that report on the "actions" gear icon. Is that the only way to get to that report?
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    Hi @TJ102,

    A "Register Report" is actually just a report of transactions that were entered into that register.  It is accessed on an account by account basis by opening an account > clicking on the "Action" Gear (in the upper right hand corner) > selecting "More Reports" > then selecting "Register Report".

    For my Quicken file I can select a wide range of dates including from the beginning of time ( i.e. from my first entries in the particular account, which for me goes back into the 1980's) up until the present day.  Since I don't close out years in my Quicken file, I have wide access to transactions, there may be limitation for others that perform enf-of-year routines on their files.  Perhaps that's why you can only go back to 1/1/19, but this is just a guess on my part.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


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