ROI need restart to update

I have quicken 2011 and in the last year or two I have had to restart quicken for it to update the ROI column in the investment portfolio report. I enter the mutual fund prices daily manually but the ROI column does not change to reflect the new prices. The prices are update after quicken is closed and restarted. Does anyone have any suggestion as to why it happens or doesn't happen?


  • q_lurker
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    Are you sure it requires a full exit-and-restart?  There are times the program needs the proverbial kick-in-the-pants to get a recalc initiated.  Have you tried something simpler like changing Portfolio views, changing as-of date, toggling a customization setting, switching to a register and back.  

    My anecdotal observation would connect those types of refresh issues with how long the program has been open and how many ways you have used it while open -- sort of like it gets memory-bound after so long.  I offer no proof to support such a hypothesis.
  • WilliamQ
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    Neither changing the portfolio view nor changing the as-of date nor changing the register caused the ROI to update. But in the customization settings, in the accounts settings, after I selected market indexes to be added to the portfolio view, it did update the ROI. So now I know that step does do it.
    Thanks q_lurker
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    At various times Quicken has had various "refresh problems".  About the only thing the user can do is make sure they are using the latest patch for their version of Quicken, or upgrade, or just live with it.  BTW switching another "view" like and account and back might update it instead of having to restart Quicken.

    You can get the latest patch for your version of Quicken from here: 
    Using Quicken Subscription Premier (and have a copy of Starter to test things on)
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